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Bodio S.M.C
41 St John's Street
Devizes Wiltshire
SN10 1BL
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1380 728822
Fax : +44 (0)1380 728016
Email: sales@bodio.co.uk
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Italian Partners.

Bodio & Bodio Consultants
Via D. Fiasella 1/19- 16121
Genoa, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)10 59 55 1978
Fax:+39 (0)10 54 52 228
e-mail: simone.bodio@fastwebnet.it
pec: simone.bodio@ordineavvgenova.it Skype: simone.bodio


Bodio S.M.C represents companies in a professional capacity within the Sales Marketing and Licensing Industry in the UK and Internationally . The company utilises its wealth of experience and connections within the industry to assist clients with their business ventures. We identify opportunities for your products or services and then help you develop and promote them, to maximise your sales and presence in specific accounts and countries.

bodio consulting

Bodio S.M.C works with experts in all areas when developing your National and International strategies.

  • Evaluate your customer base and see where the opportunities are to sell your products or services and maximise your selling opportunities

  • Find you third party providers to take care of your operations, logistics, to take into account your increase in sales to national and international accounts

  • Inform you of regulations with regard to product safety that is relevant in the markets that you will be selling to.

  • Work with you to develop an effective business model, create a marketing plan, develop forecasts and create financial models that work in the relevant market.

  • Develop and execute advertising and public relations plans that increase brand awareness that sell more products.

  • Work with you to develop the right pricing structure to sell in International markets and maximise profit

  • We highlight and explain to you about the full cost implications of doing business in international markets so you don't get any surprises.