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Bodio S.M.C
41 St John's Street
Devizes Wiltshire
SN10 1BL
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1380 728822
Fax : +44 (0)1380 728016
Email: sales@bodio.co.uk

Italian Partners.

Bodio & Bodio Consultants
Via D. Fiasella 1/19- 16121
Genoa, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)10 59 55 1978
Fax:+39 (0)10 54 52 228
e-mail: simone.bodio@fastwebnet.it
pec: simone.bodio@ordineavvgenova.it Skype: simone.bodio


We have dedicated this area to show some of the projects that Bodio S.M.C has worked on in the past or is currently working on.

The video clips are from TV commercials that we developed, or public relations videos that we managed to secure for our clients and customers to showcase their products.

Also clips from live shows and projects that we have developed the merchandise for.

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tricky disky bodio

bodio tropical island